Unique creations from the world's seas

La Flaca was born when I tailored my first dress for … a stone. I was 4 or 5 and spent most of my time breaking things up only to put them back together again. A natural way for my creativity to blossom from within. Not even I was aware of it yet.

Born on the coast, its said makes the difference in ones path, so after an adolescence rich in salt I started feeling that irresistible need to explore new places and other seas. So I traveled. A lot. All over the world. However five years ago, I decided what I really wanted was some island time. I packed my backpack along with my creativity, a certain talent in sales and I jumped on a ferry to “fly” to Sardinia.

Season 1: Sun, beach and laziness (chilling).Laziness (then more chilling), sun and beach.But wait! Even the laziness (chilling) served a purpose. To observe….and I did.

Season 2: with two backpacks instead of one, it was back to Sardinia, the island which was calling me. Stocked with things I made during the winter (swimsuits above all), surprisingly they suddenly started to sell and easily. I found that I had the money to buy new fabrics and everything I needed to make my dream come true.

It started to occure to me that there was something very special about the swimsuit I was designing. They were unique and drew your attention. Above all, people loved them! From that moment, I knew exactly what I was doing next season! That feeling was like being nicely drunk!!
So when season 3 arrived, the backpacks were not just two,but many more. Filled with beautiful bright colored swimsuits and a name which couldn’t live my mind. La Flaca.
And there it began. Through friends I’d made and people I’d met. Some old, the rest mostly new. With even with the odd showbiz personality or sportsman, La Flaca was a hit every time! Exactly where it was needed!



Thailand beach in tropical island. Travel boats at summer in sea


Molte idee sono nate da questo viaggio, la prima volta ero con i miei genitori ed avevo 10 anni, ci sono tornata 23 anni...

Cala Xarraca, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain (Europe)


Tanti i bikini La Flaca venduti ad Ibiza, un vera isola dei balocchi dove facilmente possono accadere cose impensabili, divertimento allo stato puro e...



Il Messico è un paese dai  mille colori: arte, storia, cultura, divertimento, natura, mare, sole e chi più ne ha più ne metta!  ...



Africa….terra magica…mi emoziono al solo pensiero, non è facile descrivere un esperienza come questa, per me ha significato molto, ho visitato quest’isola dalla bellezza...